Privacy Policy

Deep Saga Privacy Policy

Effective date: 15th July 2023.  (Last updated: 21st January 2024)

Deep Saga (the game) is provided by John Rowlands of Cestrian Software under the laws of England and Wales.

Cestrian Software takes your privacy seriously.  We do not collect or use any of your personal data, except if you choose to watch an advert to get more game turns as a reward (see: ‘Use of Adverts’ below).

Use of Adverts

The game uses Google AdMob to provide rewarded adverts.  AdMob requires access to certain types of personal data in order to provide adverts to you.  If you never watch an advert then your personal data is never used.

Cestrian Software only uses this information for the purposes of providing adverts via AdMob.

If you are in the UK or EU, then you need to provide explicit consent for the use of personal data before you can watch a rewarded advert. You will be shown a privacy consent form when you first try to watch an advert.  You do not have to consent to this data collection to play the game, but you will not be able to receive rewarded adverts without providing this consent.  You can change your choice at any time from within the Account > Settings screen of the game.

The data gathered to provide adverts may include your device advertising identifier, IP address and location information.  Full details of the data used by Google when providing adverts can be found from the link below.

See: Google Privacy & Terms for Advertising


Google Play Games Services

The game uses Google Play Games Services to save your game progress and for in-app purchases and achievements.  All payment information and associated personal information is managed entirely by Google Play Games Services and is not stored or transferred from your device by the game or Cestrian Software.

See: Google Play Games Services Terms of Service


Firebase Analytics

The game uses Firebase (from Google) for analytics to anonymously record the following information, for the purposes of understanding player behaviour and improving the game:

    • How often you play the game.
    • How long you play the game for.
    • Which game options you select.
    • Your progress through the game.
    • If you make any in-app purchases.
    • If you watch an advert.

See: Firebase Data Processing and Security Terms



Deep Saga uses the OpenAI API to provide game content.

See: OpenAI API Privacy Policy


Data Retention & Deletion

Cestrian Software does not record or retain any personal information about you, so there is no information stored about you that that would need to be deleted.  The game sends anonymous analytics data to Firebase (as described above) which cannot be deleted. Any information related to purchases, achievements or adverts is retained by Google in accordance with the Google Play Games Services Terms of Service and Google Privacy & Terms for Advertising as mentioned above.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email:

We hope you enjoy playing Deep Saga.